You’re a specialist, selling fresh meats and/or deli goods. You sell by weight, not just pre-packaged goods, and you sell at the counter, rather than sending your customers to a separate point of sale.

Your stock may arrive a carcass, but is sold as chops, steaks or your award-winning sausages.

You’re proud of your product, and share information about the provenance of your produce and recipe suggestions.  

All of which means that you have a great relationship with your customers, but it also means that you have a specialist set of requirements when it comes to point of sale.

FutureNet understands what butchers and delis need, in order to minimise their time on POS systems and maximise time selling quality products.

Our Convenience system allows you to scan weighed and pre-packed items from the same scale, avoiding extra handling.  We integrate EFTPOS into your scale so that it doubles up as your point of sale, eliminating the cost and space needed for extra hardware.

We know that you might have several staff on one scale/register, so we interleave transactions, or can suspend and transfer to a different scale.

And when it comes to those all important recipes, you can easily and simply manage allocation of stock to burgers, rissoles or sausages.


At Eumundi Meats, we pride ourselves on our customer service, and using FutureNet Convenience POS helps us improve it even further. We can combine our scale and POS, and integrated EFTPOS to offer our customers a streamlined, efficient experience.
— Jon McMahon | Eumundi Meats