Running a supermarket or grocery store is a constant juggling act – there are many balls to keep in the air, and FutureNet’s Convenience solutions have been designed to make sure you don’t drop a single one.

You need to ensure you have enough stock on the shelves, without tying up cash in over-stocking. You want to purchase at the right time in the cycle, and when the goods are delivered you need to check you have got what you paid for. You want to build community identity by stocking local suppliers’, as well as hosted, products.

FutureNet Convenience gives you automated, ordering/receiving and links to supplier price lists to help you optimise your stock levels and make the most of your spending power. 

You need to minimise losses from process error and sweet-hearting at the checkout – FutureNet Convenience comes with cashier control, mobility and video overlay of journals, to help make sure your products are turned into profit, not loss.

You know that it is essential to run promotions and loyalty programs to keep your customers coming back. It’s also just as important, once they have made their purchase, to get them out of your store quickly and efficiently.

FutureNet Convenience links to your loyalty program and is fast and efficient to speed your customers through checkout.

FutureNet Convenience on a range of mobile devices gets you away from the back office desk, allowing you to manage your store from anywhere in the store.


The guys at FutureNet are always willing to listen to anything that we think of can make their system even better. FutureNet’s maintenance and backup support has always been fantastic, we have multiple contact points for knowledgeable help. I would highly recommend the FutureNet solution for any retailer that is upgrading or looking at installing a complete POS system.
— Michelle Corish | IGA Sanctuary Point